Sunday School Sports Day

The Sports day for the Sunday school children is scheduled as follows.

Date: Sunday, 07th October 2012. Time: 09.00 - 16.30 hrs.

Venue: St John Primary school, Kearsley, Bolton, BL4 8AP.

  • It’s entirely up to each participant’s preference which game they are participating.
  • Three Sunday school teachers will be available for each age group to collect the names from 9 am onwards, therefore please be on time.
  • 09.15hrs we will start our video show about Holy Qurbana.
  • Those who are participating for cycle slow race must bring your own cycle.

These are the games for each age group

  • Toss the ring : 7-9yrs, 10-14yrs
  • Lemon and spoon race : 5-6 yrs, 7-9 yrs, 10-14 yrs
  • Three leg race : 7-9 yrs, 10-14 yrs
  • Bowling : 7-9 yrs, 10-14 yrs
  • Cycle slow race : 10-14 yrs, 7-9 yrs - (Once the race started No part of the participant’s body may touch the ground. The bicycle must maintain forward motion at all times. The bicycle must remain within the boundaries of the track. The longest time to complete the course will determine the winner.)
  • Dodge ball - (optional if time allows & it’s a group game)

Balancing game

  • Penguin walk 5-6 yrs, 7-9 yrs - All the children line up at the start line and they put their beanbag on top of their feet and then they try to walk like a penguin, without dropping the bean bag. The first child who can make it to the finish line is the winner.
  • Hold the orange 5-6 yrs, 7-9 yrs, 10-14 yrs - Every pair stands face to face with each other and try to pinch an orange between their foreheads without using their hands. The pair has to complete the distance without dropping the orange.

Many thanks to all parents once again for your valuable support.

OVBS 2012

The OVBS 2012 (Orthodox Vacation Bible School), will be held at St John's Primary School, Church Road, Kearsley, Bolton, BL4 8AP from 07th to 09th June 2012.  The classes will begin at 09:30 in the morning and will conclude by 15:30 hrs. The closing ceremony will be on 10 th June after the Holy Qurbana at Christ Church, Princess Road, Manchester.

The theme for this year’s OVBS is "We are one in Christ [Galatians 3:28]".

There will be a registration fee of five pounds (£5) per child.  Please download the application from the below link and fill and return it to the Sunday School by 27th May 2012.

Download registration form

For further information please contact:
Fr. Happy Jacob - 07863562907
Mrs. Sini Vinu - 07841712752
Mr Jiji Kurien  - 07984227083

Sunday School Re-Exam


  • The Sunday school children who has 50% attendance and didn’t attend the exam on 11/03/2012, there will be an exam on 22/04/2012 after holy Qurbana.
  • Sunday school teachers meeting will be on 22/04/2012.
  • New year Sunday school will start on 13/05/2012 after holy Qurbana 15.30hrs.
  • This year OVBS will be on 7,8,9,10th June 2012 venue TBC.