Christmas Carol Visit 2012

Our Christmas Carol Visit is scheduled as per the following list.

1st December 2012 Saturday

Northwich / Warrington / Stoke-On-Trent/North Wales

2nd December 2012 Sunday

Haslingden / Burnley / Halifax / Rochdale / North Manchester

8th December 2012 Saturday

Leigh / Bolton / Salford / Swinton

15th December 2012 Saturday

Wythenshawe / Altrincham / Sale

16th December 2012 Sunday

Central Manchester

Harvest Festival 2012

A big thank you for your support and participation on our Harvest Festival.  Here is the winner of the price draw.

Coupon number : 1407

Calendar of Events for 2012-2013

Here is a list of the Calendar of Events scheduled for 2012-2013. Please note that most of the dates are confirmed, however they might be subject to change due to the availability of Church, Hall and any other unforeseen situations.

Holy Qurbana – 2nd & 4th Sunday of Every Month(Timing – 1pm to 3:30pm
Sunday School Commences immediately after the Holy Qurbana

  • 29th July 2012 – Barbeque Party –Bolton Abbey
  • 12th Aug 2012 – Holy Qurbana and Manchester Orthodox Bible Convention led by our Diocesan Metropolitan HG Dr.Mathews Mar Timotheous
  • 09th September 2012 – Onam Celebrations – Holy Qurbana starts at 9am(Church & Hall)
  • 07th October 2012– Sunday School Sports day (10 am to 2pm)
  • 20th October 2012 – Saturday - Food Fest – for Church Fund raising
  • 28th October 2012 – Sunday Holy Qurbana + Harvest Festival(9am start)
  • 24th December 2012 – Christmas Service(5:30 to 9:30)
  • 05th January 2013 – Saturday – Christmas – New Year Programme
  • 03rd February 2013 – Sunday School Talent Competitions(10:30 to 4pm)
  • 16th March 2013 – Retreat (10 – 2)
  • 24th March 2013 – Palm Sunday
  • 27th March 2013 – Pesaha – Evening Service
  • 29th March 2013 – Good Friday
  • 30th March 2013 – Easter – Saturday(4pm to 8pm)
  • Christmas Carol – November – December(Home Visits)

Passion Week (Hasha) Programme for April 2012

This year we will celebrate our Passion week jointly with St Thomas Orthodox Church, Liverpool.

"But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed".....Isaiah 53:5

Date & Time Service Venue
Sunday, 01 April 2012
01:30pm to 6:00pm
Palm Sunday (Hosanna)
Achen available for Confession from 13:00
Note: Please bring flowers for Hosanna
Sacred Heart Church
Liverpool Road
Wednesday, 04 April 2012
04:00pm to 08:00pm
Maundy Thursday (Pesaha)
Evening prayer, Absolution & Holy QurbanaAchen available for Confession from 14:00
Hawley & Fairfield Project
Hall – 2 Algemion St
Friday, 06 April 2012
09:00am to 04:30pm
Good Friday
Kanji will be served after the service
Hawley & Fairfield Project
Hall – 2 Algemion St
Saturday, 07 April 2012
04:00pm to 08:30pm
Easter (Qyomtho)
Easter Feast will be arranged
Hawley & Fairfield Project
Hall – 2 Algemion St

Examination and Competition Results

Annual Examination Result 2011-12

Year 1 Name
1st Alicia Binoyi
Leah Biben
Niya Varghese
Joel Mathew
2nd Aaron Mathew
3rd Feival Biju
Ken Renji
Passed Sowmya Manoj
Jorgy Solomon
Jensen Shibu
Year 2 Name
1st Sara susan Kecheril
Sanju Sajin
Toby Shaji
Nevin George
Leon Joby
Jason Varghese
2nd Ruth Saji
Hannah Mary Abraham
Anna Daniel
Sneha Manoj
3rd Hannah George
Passed Ann Maria Baiju
Year 4 Name
1st Kevin Joby
2nd Joel Solomon
3rd Athira Reji
Passed Sonu Daniel
Sherwin Shibu Samuel
Year 6 Name
1st Sandra Sajin
2nd Neha Biben
3rd Kurien George
Passed Rubin Saji
Jinu George
Kezia Renji

Competition Results 2011-2012

Age 5 & under 5
Solo Song Name
1st Eva John
2nd Ashlin Roy
Joshua Shaji
Leona Litto
3rd Shalom Tharakan
Colouring Name
1st Shalom Tharakan
2nd Axel Binoyi
3rd Alfi Binu
Age 6-7
Solo Song Name
1st Feba Abraham
2nd Aaron Mathew
3rd Leah Biben
Story Telling Name
1st Feba Abraham
2nd Alisha Binoyi
3rd Ken Renji
Group song Name
  Alisha Binoyi & Ken Renji
Colouring Name
1st Leah Biben
2nd Joel Mathew
3rd Niya Rachel Varghese
Age 8-10
Solo Song Name
1st Anna Mary Daniel
2nd Sara Susan Kecheril
3rd Hannah George
Group Song Name
1st Ruth Saji &, Team ( Hannah, Anna,Sanju )
2nd Toby Shaji & team ( Nevin, Sara Susan)
Elocution Name
1st Anna Mary Daniel
2nd Nevin George
3rd Sanju Sajin
Drawing Name
1st Richu Abi
2nd Toby Shaji
3rd Nevin George
Age 8-10
Solo Song Name
1st Rubin Saji
2nd Neha Biben
3rd Kezia Renji
Age 8-10
Group Song Name
1st Neha Biben & Team (Sandra, Hanna Neha)
2nd Rubin Saji & team (Sonu,Riya, Kezia,Kurien)
Age 8-10
Elocution Name
1st Neha Biben
2nd Rubin Saji
Sandra Sajin
3rd Kurien George
Riya Abi
1st Team B (Rubin Saji, Nevin Tharakan, Sanju Sajin)
2nd Team C (Neha Biben, Toby Shaji, Ruth Saji)
2nd Team D (Sandra Sajin, Hanna Happy, Sonu Daniel)
Annual Attendance 2011-12
Preparatory Name Attended (Out of 13 Sundays)
1st Alfi Binu
Shalom Tharakan
Axel Binoyi
2nd Eva John
Ashlin Roy
3rd Aiden Philip
Leona Litto
Year 1 Name Attended (Out of 13 Sundays)
1st Alicia Binoyi
Leah Biben
Sowmya Manoj
2nd Niya Rachel Varghese 11
3rd Feivel Biju
Joel Mathew
Year 2 Name Attended (Out of 13 Sundays)
1st Hannah George 13
2nd Nevin George
Sara susan Kecheril
Sneha Manoj
3rd Sanju Sajin
Ruth Saji
Ann Maria Baiju
Year 4 Name Attended (Out of 13 Sundays)
1st Sonu Daniel, Jonath Joseph 10
2nd Riya Aby 9
3rd Kevin Joby 8
Year 6 Name Attended (Out of 13 Sundays)
1st Kurien George 13
2nd Neha Biben
Jinu George
3rd Sandra Sajin
Rubin Saji
Teachers Name Attended (Out of 13 Sundays)
1st Jiji Kurian 13